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First Picture 5 Points Uncovered a picture for the first time Medal Stats.
First Pop 5 Points Poped your first balloon to uncover a picture Medal Stats.
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Here it is, a complete walkthrough of all the options and medals to earn for mexipino's Elf Story:

Every other walkthrough I read sucked, or just didn't tell how to get every medal (which is very difficult and time-consuming to figure out. In addition to listing exactly what to do to progress, I give you a heads up on which medals can be acquired in each scene so there's no confusion (look for the bold CAPS). Look no further, all you need is here, so here we go!

Scene 1 - Edwin's Bedroom

8 Medals: Baseball Bat, Extra Kupo, Fanboy, Play, Fatal Error, Goober, Controller, Knife

You start lying on the rug, and you will immediately get the PLAY medal. Click on Edwin's head to get him to sit up. Then click and hold his body and drag the mouse up and he will stand. From there, you can click on the bottom right corner of his bed to go over and find the KNIFE between the mattress sheets. The knife is a weapon you will need to unlock later medals. You can also click the pillow to move it and discover the GOOBER. After that, you have to go over to the door and click on the doorknob to open it. Inside you will find the BASEBALL BAT, and the green FANBOY Hoodie. Once you have these items, the TV will go fuzzy. Go ahead and click it to start a cutscene describing what is going on in the game. After the cutscene, a dialogue box will appear and a voice will ask you "Will you proceed forward to conquer evil and stuff? Oh yeah, and to save your lady-friend...lady... ?" At this point, you can unlock the FATAL ERROR medal by responding "Naw." If you do, the game will end and you will have to restart at the beginning of the scene with your new medals unlocked. When you reach this juncture again, the other two responses will take you further into the game. After the dialogue is done, click on the right game controller to pick it up. It is a weapon that you can use later, and need to have to unlock the other medals. Then click on the left game controller, and warp into the game world by pressing the Start button (The black diagonal button on the right, in the center of the controller) None of the other buttons do anything at this point. You will warp into the TV and onto the next scene.

Note: I have the EXTRA KUPO medal listed in this scene. You can unlock it at any point in the game by clicking the yellow rectangular button at the bottom left of the screen marked "FREE KUPO" Just click the gold dots as they float in front of the advertisement, and after several seconds an X will appear at the top right of the game screen. Just click it to close out the ad.

Scene 2 - Tree Hut Interior

1 Medal: Shrunken Head

When you arrive in this scene, you are inside a tree hut. At the back of the room there is a small branch with a leaf on it sticking up out of the floor. Click on it to move over to it, and again to break it off. At this point, you can use it to smash the pots just to the right of you to get some extra Kupo (which you will need later). After the pots are in tiny bits, go over to the left of the room where there is a hatch in the floor. You will have to click it to jam the branch at the seam of the hatch, and then click and drag the stick to the right to pry the hatch open. You will reveal a key that can be picked up and used on the treasure chest to acquire the SHRUNKEN HEAD. This item can be exchanged later for a weapon called a Soul Bangle, which you'll need to unlock a medal. Once you have this, exit via the stairs at the bottom left of the screen.

Scene 3 - Tree Hut Exterior

6 Medals: Arrow Death, Got Battle Dagger, Got Wooden Sword, Gobblo Arrow Kill, Gobblo Dagger Kill, Gobblo Wood Kill

Immediately upon entering this scene, 2 medals unlock as your knife and baseball bat magically morph into a battle dagger and wooden sword, unlocking the GOT BATTLE DAGGER and GOT WOODEN SWORD medals. Gotta have cool weapons to spread gore with! Once you clear those messages, a red bar will start to fill up at the top of the screen. You have to click on the gobblo and select a weapon to attack it with before the bar fills up, or he will shoot an arrow through your chest (unlocking the ARROW DEATH medal). If you select the sword to kill it with, you will get the GOBBLO WOOD KILL medal. If you select the dagger, you'll get the GOBBLO DAGGER KILL. If you select the controller, it will pop up on the screen and you will want to push the up arrow on the controller directional pad. This will cause the gobblo to shoot the arrow directly up, and a few seconds later the arrow will come down and impale the gobblo in the head, unlocking the ARROW DEATH medal. Whichever method you do the deed with, you can now click on the gobblo, his hat, and possibly the arrow (depending on the method you chose to kill him) to get some Kupo. Once you are done with that, proceed down the ladder.

Scene 4 - Ground Level

7 Medals: Halfsies, Impalation, Beatdown, Electrocuted, Face Knifed, Rock Death, No Defense

You will find yourself standing on a path at the bottom of the ladder. The only two places to click right off the bat are anywhere on the right side of the screen, and on a large rock sitting at the edge of the path ahead of you. Start off by clicking the rock. Then you can drag the rock up with the mouse to pick it up. At this point, with the rock above your head, you have two options. A. Click in front of Elfwin to have him throw it in front of himself, and pick up the resulting Kupo and metal ore, which can be exchanged later for a Steel Sword. B. Click above Elfwin to throw the rock straight up into the air, it plummet back down onto his head, earning you the ROCK DEATH medal. Once you have chosen, click on the right side of the screen and you will be surprised by a bandit elf coming down with his blade bearing down on you. You can step back to dodge the blow, or let it hit you and earn yourself the NO DEFENSE and HALFSIES medals. When you dodge it, the bandit elf with then hurl his sword at you, which you can dodge by clicking above Elfwin, or take to the chest and earn the IMPALATION medal. With both attacks dodged, you will now beat the bandit into seeing stars, and can choose one of three ways to kill him (assuming you have all 3 weapons at this point). Pick the Wooden Sword for the BEATDOWN medal, the Battle Knife for the FACE KNIFED medal, or the controller for the ELECTROCUTED medal. If you pick the controller, you'll have to use it to do the sonic boom move on the bandit. Don't know what a sonic boom is? Press left, right, and either blue button....and then go play Street Fighter! The fact that Guile's sweet move is in this game is just too cool. Back on topic though, this area is clear and you can click on the remaining parts of the bandit for some Kupo before moving on.

Scene 5 - Crossroads

1 Medal: Dead Bird

When you get to this spot, click on where the paths meet to go there, then click on the tree to move over to it. Click on Elfwin to pull out the wooden sword, and then the tree to smack it, knocking a DEAD BIRD out of it for you to pick up. Head back to where the paths meet. At this point you have a choice to go up to Hobart's shop, or right to the bandit gate. You have to go up to progress through the game, but you need to go to the right first in order to get the WEAK DEFENSE medal. If you go to Hobart's shop and get everything that's there before you go right to the bandit gate, you can't get that medal. How to get that medal will be explained in the Scene 9 - Bandit Gate section, so if you want to see how to get it, jump there now.

Scene 6 - Outside Hobart's Shop

1 Medal: Poop

There is really nothing to do here, other then enter the shop. That, and getting the POOP medal. When you arrive at this scene, do nothing. After half a minute, bird poop will fall from the sky and hit you in the head, awarding you a medal for the trouble. Now you can enter the shop.

Scene 7 - Inside Hobart's Shop

5 Medals: Got Bombs, Got Soul Bangle, Got Steel Sword, Skull, Pissed Off Shopkeeper

When you enter the store, the odd shopkeeper Hobart will eagerly move over to you and greet you, asking what brings you there. Respond with "Imma kill you!" to earn the PISSED OFF SHOPKEEPER medal, and get yourself ripped in half in the process. Reply with "I need weapons." to get all the goodies you'll need to finish the game. There are several weapons here you can get. All the rest of the medals in this area correspond with items you can acquire here. You can click on the sword on the wall and either "Trade" or "Buy" it. If you picked up the metal ore earlier, Hobard will trade the sword for it, or you can purchase the sword for 100 Kupo. Either way, you'll unlock the GOT STEEL SWORD medal. Click on the silver-and-blue-ball-lookin' doodad on the shelf to have your choice of trading or purchasing the Soul Bangle. It's either 100 Kupo or can be traded for a Shrunken Skull, if you picked that up. That'll earn you the GOT SOUL BANGLE medal. The bombs have to be purchased, for 50 Kupo, and they even come with a gree GOT BOMBS medal as well! Lastly, click on the skull on the shelf to pick it up for free, awarding you the SKULL medal. Head on out the door.

Scene 8 - Crossroads (Again)

1 Medal: Stabbered

Immediately upon coming to the crossroads again, a bandit will enter and throw a knife at you. You can just stand there and die to earn the STABBERED medal. Or you can click on the knife to draw your sword and deflect it, sending the bandit into a quick retreat. The knife can be clicked on for some Kupo, which is useless for the rest of this playthrough, but will come in handy if you want to play through the game again to unlock other medals. Continue on by clicking on the right side of the screen.

Scene 9 - Bandit Gate

3 Medals: Spin Attack, You Should Block, Weak Defense

If you came to this area without the Steel Sword, now is your chance to get the WEAK DEFENSE medal before meeting your demise. Engage in conversation with the bandit, and it doesn't matter what you reply, he will attack you. When he attacks, click on yourself. You will put up your guard, but your measely wooden sword will be cut through just as easily as your body, awarding you with the forementioned medal. You can then restart at the beginning of Scene 5, to get the items you need to advance in the game.

If you have all the equipment, chat with our bandit elf friend here (it doesn't matter how you respond). He will attack you. You can stand and do nothing, earning yourself the YOU SHOULD BLOCK medal, or you can click on yourself and parry the bandit's blow, following up with an impressive and gruesome counterattack, which earns you the SPIN ATTACK medal. Click on the corpse 3 times to kick it. The first two times you kick it, Kupo will come out. The third kick will yield the key necessary to advance to the next scene.

Scene 10 - Dark Forest

7 Medals: Arrow to the Neck, Arrow to the Stomach, Blue Flames, Bombed, Dagger to La Face, Spinning Destruction, Wheel of Decimation

Immediately upon entering this area, Elfwin draws his sword and a bandit archer attacks. The bandit will fire 4 arrows at Elfwin, which you neet to defleck by clicking on them as they come at him. If you don't block arrows 1 through 3 you will die and earn the ARROW TO THE NECK medal. If you successfully block the first 3 arrows, the bandit shoots a 4th one, which is faster and slightly lower than the previous arrows. Failing to block this arrow will earn you the ARROW TO THE STOMACH medal. When you block all 4 arrows, you must quickly click the bandit to attack him, or he'll take cover behind the tree and then pop out for another 4 shots. When you attack the elf, you'll have 5 different options, assuming you have every weapon in the game at this point. The weapons and medals are as follows:


The first 4 options play themselves out. For the last option, with the controller, you'll have to use the "Get over here!" move. Don't know what "Get over here!" is? Press left twice and then either blue button....and then go play Mortal Kombat! The fact that one of Scorpion's sweet moves are also in this game is fantastic! Back on topic, again, this area is clear and you can click on the remaining parts of the bandit for a lot of Kupo before moving on.

Scene 11 - Boss Battle

4 Medals: Giant Fist, Squished, Game Won, Ogre Destroyed

This seems to be the area that gives players the most trouble in the game, but in my opinion it is the easiest area. You just have to be quick! The Ogre will attemp to bash you or grab you. If he punches you, it will be bloody, and you will earn the GIANT FIST medal. If he grabs you, it will be bloody, and you will earn the SQUISHED medal. You are able to click to the right and also above Elfwin to dodge in 2 different directions. Both ways will prevent you from getting hit, but you don't really need to dodge at all. The easiest way to beat the Ogre, I've come to find, is to rapidly and repeatedly click on his eye. While you are moving to attack him, you are immune to his attacks, just like when you dodge, so you might as well just keep attacking him! 6 hits to the eye will secure you a victory, and earn you the GAME WON and OGRE DESTROYED medals.

I hope this helps everyone out. Let me know if it did! This is pretty complete, but if there are questions you have that aren't addressed here, please feel free to comment on this post and I will reply with an answer ASAP!! Happy Gaming